Angelina Lorieux-Machova

Empathetic web developer and urbex lover. I like to design and build cool stuff.

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Hello World!


Who are you?

Cinephile & creative Front-End Developer, passionate about technology and lover of urban exploration.

Very ambitious and benevolent, I aspire to always go further, evolving in a team spirit and sharing.

Your little + ?

Full of ideas and in a good mood, I’m always looking for new solutions and improvements.

"I know my limits, that's why I go beyond them."
– Serge Gainsbourg

Your goals?

I love to learn and I am eager to keep learning in order to build stronger skills and gain freedom of action.

Currently ?

Learning React.js and redux!

What is your dream job?

Integrate a team of web superheroes, with the wisdom of Master Yoda, the skills of the Experts, in a F.R.I.E.N.D.S atmosphere!

"'I don't know' has become 'I don't know yet'."
– Bill Gates

Hard skills

Soft skills

Creative spirit

Thirst of learning

Team player

Mad skills


Intensive practice of the 7th Art


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